MUSICAL LEGACY FOR YOUTH – The Andreas Florez Scholarship

Andreas Florez was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia in March, 2016, and passed away later that August at the age of 24. Heartbroken but inspired, his family created a musical legacy under his name to support budding artists like himself to study and travel. The passionate musician had released his first EP produced by local star, Harts, shortly before he passed. He was at the edge of his career, but he humbly accepted his fate.

The Andreas Florez Travel Scholarship at RMIT University can be supported at:

Their annual concert will occur on October 20th, 2018. Discover more at:

Snapshots is our short film series documenting people who have transformed their pain in service of higher purpose. 

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  • Master Hewey has a wealth of knowledge about ancient Chinese philosophies. He has studied the I Ching deeply - the ancient text that guided even some of the great names we know today... including Confucius and Lao Tzu!

He is delivering community classes every Sunday 11.30am-1pm at 66 Cecil St, Fitzroy to teach us his Yu-Ling method, integrating Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and meditation.

His method is innovative, creative and adaptable. Join us this Sunday for his class on Yin & Yang - the two forces of the universe and how that applies to health and exercise! 🌻
  • An excerpt from Master Hewey’s book.

Often, we dismiss practises that seem far-fetched for the average person. Master Hewey has said that “everybody has an inner power to cure [themselves]”.
Yu-Ling is an exercise and philosophy that connects people with this inner power and empowers them to live a more positive life.

Join him this Sunday at 66 Cecil St Fitzroy at 11.30am-1pm and discover how these exercises can help you!
  • This morning, we had Master Hewey present an Introduction to Yu-Ling (The Positive Living Exercise).
It was an energetic presentation that made many of us laugh. He shared his story of attempting suicide, and the information that came to him in that moment. Today, this information is represented in the Yu-Ling diagram (swipe left to view).
He will be teaching his community classes every Sunday at 11.30am-1pm @ 66 Cecil St Fitzroy.
If you would like to learn his innovative (and easy!) method that blends Tai Chi, Qi-Kung and meditation to help balance your mind and body, come join us next Sunday!
  • The Fitzroy Art Collective - the gallery Grand Opening!

Our founder @sophiephamofficial met this man @brettsixtysix two years ago, at his first solo art exhibition. She saw his art, understood his mind, explored his story of heroin and methadone addiction and assisted him in setting up @thefitzroyartcollective , which we captured in a documentary.

They designed the logo, set up the business, got clear on the vision and mission to support independent artists by connecting them with the local community.

After putting on art shows, and building a vibrant creative community in Fitzroy, Brett now has his very own art gallery! And not coincidentally, at number 66... @brettsixtysix and @thefitzroyartcollective are at 66 Cecil Street!

Now open for artist-friendly bookings for events, exhibitions and workshops. Join the community! 🙌 —

You can also expect to see Recover Like An Artist (5 Step recovery) sessions at this space very soon. 🙏🏼
  • “In order for the addict to drop their habit, they need to come to their own decisions. Nobody else can decide for them.
The best thing we can do for an addict is to make all the options and their consequences clear.” - @brettsixtysix
Brett developed an addiction questionnaire to help addicts assess their situation - whether it was positive or negative.
You can sign up to future updates for ‘Recover Like An Artist’ workshops via the link in our bio.
Wednesday’s audience was impressed by the questionnaire and we are looking forward to sharing it with more people who are affected by addiction.
  • Thank you to everyone who attended Recover Like An Artist on Wednesday night. We had a wonderful time, and hope you did too!
We gathered to learn about the nature of addiction, and of a simple way to recover (with 5 steps) that eliminates the unnecessary and focuses on what’s important.
Brett’s dark past involved suicides, overdoses, stabbings and beatings... and escapism with his drug of choice: heroin.
The talk was informative, humorous, and empathetic. We look forward to seeing this new recovery movement grow and hope to have you in future!
Thank you to @twodotscoworkingcollective for having us in your beautiful space ✨
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