MENTAL HEALTH IN MEDICINE – ER Doctor Jon Lee (Documentary)

Emergency doctor and artist, Jon Lee, reveals the pressures of working in medicine and speaks publicly about his own suicide attempt in 2016. Men and women have different suicidal tendencies. He sheds light on the issue of men’s mental health and encourages the willingness to be vulnerable.

Snapshots is our documentary series about people who have transformed their pain and are in service to a higher purpose. 

Jessica-Lee Paulo

Hi Jon
I really thank you for sharing this
I knew of you years ago when I was heavily involved in the fitness industry and always admired your work but I also had my own struggle with depression and sucide attempts. It’s taken years but I’m finally starting to understand how to deal with my mental illness so it was so nice to come across your video. The way you explain things is amazing. If there is ever anything you could ever need for your project please shout out.


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