Finbar O’Hanlon, referred to as the ‘Rockstar of Technology’ by the media, reveals his secrets to success and boundless creativity. We witness his internal process as his revolutionary anti-piracy technology for video content, Linius, raises $10 million in capital and signs with Warner Bros.

While his ‘baby’ is on its way, we see him work on his next invention, Rezonyx, with his friend and co-founder, Ahmet Zappa. Pioneering the way sound and music are experienced, Rezonyx evokes and modulates human emotion using ancient techniques in post-production. He shares the motives for his shift in purpose, and reveals his spiritual awakening with Tibetan master, Rinpoche.

The Program is our 10-week partnership program for entrepreneurs, creatives, and philanthropists who are on the path of purpose. 


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  • Victor regularly offers sound healings using the “sacred fire” at @4dversehub . He facilitates with the four elements of nature and ancient songs from the Amazon.
We documented a special session with four of his mentors. Full film out next Wednesday. Watch the trailer in our link! 🎬
  • The wonderful Victor Holder, founder @4dversehub dreaming up his next vision in the same place he dreamt up the cultural art hub in @stkildamelbourne . 
Documentary trailer out now. Watch in our link! 😊
  • The heartwarming conclusion from Master Hewey about participating in our 10-week program. 🙏🏼 #documentary

Full film out now. See link in bio 🎬
  • A sweet little word from @adambandt about Sunny (Master Hewey) and his positive living exercise and spiritual philosophy. 
Watch this man’s mission in the video via our link! 🎬
  • Master Hewey, the hidden spiritual master who lives in Fitzroy public housing explains what’s unique about his meditation practise. 🙏🏼 Watch his story via our link!
  • “... and that made me to decide I will never kill myself.” - Master Hewey
When purpose is survival. 🌤
Trailer out tomorrow 🙏🏼
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