FUTURE OF COVID-19 – Finbar O’Hanlon & Sophie Pham (Interview)

Sophie Pham interviews Finbar O’Hanlon two years after the production and release of his documentary Inventing the Future of Sound‘ (2018), during the time of COVID-19 restrictions, to explore his perspective on the future of business and human potential. He shares his “science-fiction” life experience building new technologies, innovating music and sound, and consulting boards for some of the biggest companies in Australia. They explore his arguments for lateral thinking, “Being an Expert at Not Being an Expert” and “The Complexity of Simplicity”, storytelling in life and business, and skills of the future.

Learn about:

02:55 – Finbar’s new album
06:01 – mentoring someone whose work is changing
08:23 – lateral thinking
11:38 – being an expert at not being an expert
12:50 – the complexity of simplicity (from Finbar’s TEDx talk)
15:23 – COVID-19 and innovation
22:06 – exploring the unknown
25:25 – the power of storytelling
31:09 – Finbar’s turning point / spiritual awakening
36:18 – Finbar’s latest invention, Rezonyx
38:03 – why sound is important
45:04 – skills for the future (learning from the Industrial Revolution)

Finbar O’Hanlon is an entrepreneur, inventor, futurist, musician, speaker and educator. He is the founder of Linius Video Technology, a publicly listed company, and has assisted the capital investment of over $40 million into innovation projects. He has been granted 12 patents relating to media-related technologies. As a musician, he has toured globally, recorded and played with members of bands such as Limp Bizkit and the Cure, as well as composing music scores to local and international films.

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