COVID-19 HEALTH & POLITICS – Dr. Jon Lee & Sophie Pham (Interview)

Sophie Pham interviews Dr. Jon Lee after the production and release of his documentary ‘Mental Health in Medicine’ (2018), revealing his own suicide attempt in 2016. They dialogue during the time of COVID-19 to explore his experiences and perspectives working on the front-lines of the global pandemic as an emergency doctor. Being a doctor who uses his social media platform to educate and raise awareness around social issues, he brings our attention to the politics and misinformation of the time. In this interview, he offers his insights on racism, conspiracy theory, the vaccine debate, the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and alternative medicine. He explains the science of coronavirus, and tells us what we can expect in the future as well as how we can manage ourselves. He recommends finding a doctor you can trust and defines “good research”.

Learn about:

0:59 – the impact of Jon’s documentary and vulnerability
6:00 – COVID-19 and racism
16:35 – the science of coronavirus
24:58 – health advice for general population
27:40 – the vaccine debate
52:43 – the integrity of the medical industry
56:59 – doing your research
59:51 – integrating alternative medicine

Dr. Jon Lee is a Senior Emergency Doctor who also teaches medical students. His alternative work as a photographer and make-up artist is where he expresses his creativity. He was a founding member of the non-profit organisation, ‘TrekMedic’, and has participated in voluntary medical work in Nepal over 5 years.

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