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Activate your purpose in our
10-week partnership program.

Want to build a business? Become an educator? Raise funds for a cause? Share your art? Or perhaps you’ve simply wanted to tell your story…

Here, we can make it happen.

But there’s a catch!

We really want to know about you. Let us into your world – the dark, and the light. We want to share not only what you do, but who you are.

Join The Program and feature in our documentary series!

On graduating from The Program, you will have the opportunity to speak to a live audience at our conference sharing your work.

Let us bring your audience to you!

  • Established leaders who want to connect more deeply with their purpose.
  • Emerging leaders who have a creative solution to a particular cause.
  • Artistic talent who communicate wisdom through their work.
  • Entrepreneurs and creatives who want to market themselves in a unique and authentic way.
  • Philanthropic members of the community who offer themselves in service.


  • You must have a story of personal awakening and transformation.
  • You must be committed to making the world a better place.
  • You must be willing to stand up for what you believe in.
  • You must take ownership of your reality.


Get crystal clear about your purpose. We will consider both your ultimate purpose in this life, as well as your purpose at this point in time. You will learn to craft a statement that is narrow enough to enable focus, yet wide enough to allow for expansion upon.


Define both your personal mission and your company/project mission. Learn the difference between purpose and mission, including how and when to apply these concepts.


Align your brand with your purpose and mission. Create a brand that communicates through intelligent design. Learn to let your brand speak.


Receive a full marketing package where we share your story so that you can focus on your craft. You will be part of our documentary series to illustrate your personal journey from pain to purpose.


Package and position your key product(s). You may develop a new product or revise existing products.


Learn to speak with authenticity and confidence in front of any audience. Find your own style of presenting.


Tell your story on stage at our conference. Write a powerful speech and be guided to deliver it effectively. You will learn strategies to empower you before and during your performance.


Become a part of our community of like-minded individuals with the same collective intention: To raise the consciousness of the planet.

SOPHIE PHAM is the Founder of The Introvert Project, an author, speaker, filmmaker, artist and coach. 

Although she had ambitions to become a psychiatrist, during her Bachelor of Biomedicine, she woke up to her true potential through a spontaneous spiritual awakening. This sent her on a journey of self-discovery and quest for truth. Three years later, The Introvert Project was born – a platform for personal growth, inspiration and real-world education.

Her mission to illustrate life purpose through an archive of human stories, and empower the next generation of thought-leaders to speak their truth.


Do I need to be an introvert?

Absolutely not! We use the term ‘introvert’ as a concept, rather than a label. ‘Introvert’ is the unexpressed part in all of us. Introvert or extravert, we are looking to Release Your Inner Potential.

What is involved in the 6-8hrs per week?

This is a personalised course and will vary from person to person. The course will be tailored to your level of experience, your goals and personal confidence. You will be filmed for the documentary series once a week.

Will this course be online or offline?

The course will take place both online and offline. Offline-contact is required for the documentary as well as for the conference and its preparation.

Will there be any homework?

There will not be homework so much as there is lifework. This course is for you and your mission. You will reap what you sow.

What if I have stage fright?

In the speakers training, you will learn how to overcome anxiety and restore confidence within yourself. You will be shown a set of embodiment practices to use in preparation and performance.

I want to work on my business but have a low budget. Can you help me?

Great works often have humble beginnings! Yes, we can help. This course is tailored for business. We will be working through the cornerstones of business success that have little to do with capital. The Program helps you to establish a strong foundation for your career.

I don’t live in Melbourne. Can I still do The Program?

Nothing is impossible! Please fill out the application form, and indicate next to your Full Name the city or town where you are based. We will consider this in reviewing your submission.

What happens when I nominate someone?

Both you and the Nominee will receive a notification email of the received application. Depending on whether you choose to make your nomination private or not, your name will be mentioned to the Nominee. You will both receive updates on the status of the application.

The Introvert ProjectRelease Your Inner Potential

The Introvert Project supports people to connect with their purpose and step boldly into the unknown terrain of courageously speaking their truth.


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