PAIN IS POTENTIAL: Online Book Club (with the author)

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This time is evoking a multitude of emotions for people all across the globe. In 2016, Sophie Pham released her book ‘Pain is Potential’ to explore the purpose of crisis and how personal challenges are a gateway to discovering our true power.

Right now, as the world undergoes a process of rapid change and confrontation, we are meeting with some of the great fears and dangers that life presents. While devastating for many, the time is also opportune for the birthing of everyday heroes who in playing their parts can help save and support humanity.

This book club will take place online (in the light of social isolation) over seven days. The book will be read live by the author – with a new chapter being explored each day. There will be an opportunity to go deeper into the themes through Q&A and guided exercises for each chapter. Each day will be recorded for revision. The chapters pave the way for a journey through self-realisation to self-actualisation.

Whilst it is not necessary to be present at each of the readings and discussions, it would be most beneficial to take advantage of the availability of the author, who since the book’s release has gained much more insight on the topics.

As a generosity for this time, Sophie is offering a free copy of the book to participants. Just pay for shipping and it’s yours!

Make the most of your isolation. Dive within.

See you in the club!



Monday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Tuesday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Wednesday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Thursday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Friday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Saturday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST
Sunday 6.30pm-8.30pm AEST


  • Move through this challenging time of change and uncertainty in a safe space with supportive community
  • Reflect more deeply and honestly about the life you have and want to live
  • Discover what is really making you fearful and holding you back
  • Explore the opportunity that is available to you in this moment
  • Crystallise the vision of your life purpose
  • Connect with the power within to create change and possibility
  • Guided exercises and meditations
  • Receive personal feedback / group coaching
Sophie Pham
Social entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker, Coach & Facilitator
Sophie Pham is a social entrepreneur, author, filmmaker, coach and facilitator dedicated to helping you to uncover your hidden gifts and experience your greatest potential. She founded The Introvert Project, a social enterprise that broadcasts courageous stories of personal transformation educating about life purpose through atypical human experiences. Her book 'Pain is Potential' explores the concepts of self-realisation and self-actualisation based on her own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening through depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, sexual abuse and prostitution. She initiated Feminine Love to help women to connect more deeply with their true essence and be empowered in our modern world.

“This book is more than a remarkable testament to the possibility of overcoming trauma - it shines a light on a way to recover your identity and forge goodness and hope, even out of despair. It is different to other accounts of spiritual awakening I have encountered, and not told in a flamboyant, self-aggrandising way – in fact, the very opposite. It is intensely personal and humble, entirely open and full of invitation and instruction. It is a revelation, whether you're struggling with demons you know well or just trying to find your way forward, unsure what's holding you back.”


“Sophie Pham takes us on a hero's journey -- her journey -- in "Pain is Potential." It chronicles her growth from a space of utter, suicidal despair to a life centered in tender, compassionate love and service. She is completely open, and in her vulnerability, reveals her truth: the pain of trauma can be used to start a journey to self-realization ... and from there one can continue the work and blossom into self-actualization. Sophie acknowledges, nay embraces, both the darkness and the light of her experiences ... and by honoring both, she ultimately triumphs. Hers is a wondrous journey and her story is a fascinating, courageous autobiography in and of itself. Sophie, to her credit and for our benefit, takes her story further and gives us practical tools that we can use to enhance our own journeys. May you find her story inspiring, these tools beneficial, and her wisdom enlightening.”


“If you're looking for an inspiring story about overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you - and then turning that into fulfillment - look no further. This is such an honest, open account from a person who has faced some incredible trials. Rape, addiction, prostitution, mental illnesses - this girl has faced down some pretty fierce demons and come out victoriously on top. I feel so grateful to her for baring her soul, and I guess that's a pretty big part of why I appreciated this story so much - you never know the stories of others, unless they are willing to share. Sophie has shared her story with the intention of helping others understand their own pain and trauma, and how it can be used to create a life of fulfillment and content. Each aspect of her story is connected to the point she's trying to make - how to identify childhood pain that may have impacted you, how a person's pain can manifest, and the extent of control past pain can have on present thoughts and actions. It is structurally sound and sensible in its approach to harnessing pain to create potential. There are a modest amount of self-help activities (something I'm notoriously bad at completing) but they involve a lot of consideration so I found that, even though I didn't write anything down, I was still developing a better sense of my own behaviours. I know this book and its methods won't work for everyone, but this is going to be a game changer for people who want to give; people who feel like they have a greater purpose but aren't sure how to realise it. It'll be tough work, facing your truth so unconditionally, but it seems like the reward is worth it.”


“Sophie's story is incredibly inspiring, I related to so much of her journey and the wisdom, insight and guidance she offers has helped me to overcome fear and focus on what matters most in my life. Her book has opened my eyes to who I truly am and what I am capable of. If you seek to know yourself, to make real change in your world and the world of others, then I highly recommend this book.”


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