COMING CLEAN: Sharing Your Story And Beyond (Talk & Celebration)

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After some time behind the scenes, Sophie Pham is back to share the journey of writing her book, telling her controversial story and the path of purpose that followed.
‘Pain is Potential’ was published in 2016 revealing her fall from aspiring psychiatrist to sex worker, and the spiritual awakening that changed her life.
This talk will be honest and informative, relevant to anyone who is discovering or pursuing their purpose. Questions are encouraged as the discussion will largely be in Q&A format. Bring your boldest!
Occurring the day before her birthday, there will be a small gathering after the talk to celebrate another year of life and purpose. All are welcome. As a gift, her book will be 50% off for this occasion!
3pm-4.30pm – Talk and Q&A
4.30pm-5pm – Book signings and Tea
5pm-8pm – Birthday celebration


  • Understand the meaning and the value of purpose
  • Participate in an honest conversation about the path of finding your gift and giving that to the world
  • Opportunity to discuss the rawer aspects of trauma and spiritual awakening
  • Celebrate and connect with like-minded people
Sophie Pham
Social entrepreneur, Author, Filmmaker, Coach & Speaker
Sophie is dedicated to helping you unlock your hidden gifts and experience your greatest potential. She founded The Introvert Project, a social enterprise that broadcasts courageous stories of personal transformation educating about life purpose through atypical human experiences. Her book 'Pain is Potential' introduces an alternative approach to understanding trauma and suffering and explores the concepts of self-realisation and self-actualisation. Through pivotal steps in her own journey with depression, eating disorders, alcoholism and sexual abuse, she guides you to connect with your life purpose.

“Sophie's story is incredibly inspiring, I related to so much of her journey and the wisdom, insight and guidance she offers has helped me to overcome fear and focus on what matters most in my life. Her book has opened my eyes to who I truly am and what I am capable of. If you seek to know yourself, to make real change in your world and the world of others, then I highly recommend this book.”


“It is rare that I will read a whole book in one go but 'Pain is Potential' is a powerful book. By being vulnerable and sharing her own story, the author provides an open forum to discuss and inspire new ways of thinking about pain. She illustrates her journey into purpose and demonstrates a clear guide for one to relate this to their own life. This book has changed my way of thinking and I am sure it will for many.”


“This book is more than a remarkable testament to the possibility of overcoming trauma - it shines a light on a way to recover your identity and forge goodness and hope, even out of despair. It is different to other accounts of spiritual awakening I have encountered, and not told in a flamboyant, self-aggrandising way – in fact, the very opposite. It is intensely personal and humble, entirely open and full of invitation and instruction. It is a revelation, whether you're struggling with demons you know well or just trying to find your way forward, unsure what's holding you back.”


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