Finding Purpose Through Your Story

  • Sophie Pham Pain Is POTENTIAL

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WE ALL EXPERIENCE PAIN. It is a crucial part of human life. Our pain may express as sadness, anger, anxiety, various mental disorders or addiction. However, while pain is often perceived as weakness, it is really the beginning of great strength.

In the navigation of my own pain, I found answers to fundamental questions. I realised that we can’t truly know how to live until we have understood our pain and let it teach us who we are. When we avoid our pain, we avoid our depths. And without our depths, we cannot find our purpose.

In this book, I share my own journey with you and guide you towards finding your purpose.


About the Book

Pain is an integral part of our personal growth. Through our growth, we develop strength and wisdom. Our character builds with every experience, especially those harsher experiences. Each human being carries a unique archive of experiences from which a novel perspective emerges. It is when we acknowledge the significance of our life circumstances that we are able to realise how we can best contribute in this lifetime. At our core, we all want to be of service to others. We all want to find our true purpose.

Pain is Potential discusses the transformation of pain and the nature of purpose in relation to two key elements of personal growth:


  • Why pain occurs and the consequences of avoiding your pain

    Pain can express in various ways that chain our freedom. You will learn the relevance of pain and how to identify it in yourself and others.

  • How to understand and transform pain

    Pain can only be transformed when it is confronted. You will discover the best ways to meet and transform your pain.

  • What it means to be awake to your true self

    Your true self appears when you are liberated from the fear of pain. From a place of truth, you will learn how to make different decisions. This book will demonstrate how to re-experience freedom and connect with your true self.


  • How your story gives birth to your purpose

    Your purpose is based on who you are, and your story is what has made you who you are. You will learn how to use your life story to realise your purpose.

  • How to find your true strengths

    We each have natural skills that, when realised, can be employed in and applied to our lives. You will learn to recognise your current strengths and uncover hidden strengths.

  • How to create and stay true to your mission

    There are three key components to a mission. In Pain is Potential, you will work through each component to discover the building blocks of your mission. You will thence learn how to remain aligned with your true mission.

  • Plus bonus worksheets

    You will have access to worksheets that support the design of your mission.

About the Author

SOPHIE PHAM is an author, filmmaker, artist and social entrepreneur. Her own history of trauma around sexuality and relationships expressed in the form of depression, eating disorders, alcoholism and prostitution. Her first expression of love to a man, aged twenty-two, shattered her false identity and led to her spiritual awakening.

Sophie halted an academic career in psychiatry to create a vision external to traditional structures. As founder of the social enterprise The Introvert Project, she is committed to sharing stories of purpose found within personal suffering. In Pain is Potential, she introduces an alternative approach to overcoming mental disorders, and furthermore to understand the meaning of them. Her mission is to open an honest dialogue about trauma, and to inspire others towards higher purpose.


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