Finding Purpose Through Your Story

Sara Litchfield
21 Oct
This book is more than a remarkable testament to the possibility of overcoming trauma - it shines a light on a way to recover your identity and forge goodness and hope, even out of despair. It is different to other accounts of spiritual awakening I have encountered, and not told in a flamboyant, self-aggrandising way – in fact, the very opposite. It is intensely personal and humble, entirely open and full of invitation and instruction. It is a revelation, whether you're struggling with demons you know well or just trying to find your way forward, unsure what's holding you back.
derek rogers
15 Nov
Go Sophie, i'm inspired by your bravery to go within and confront the past, for as the Taoist saying goes, Learning to Live, is Learning to let Go.. All the best for tonight, may you change many lives.
1 Dec
It is rare that I will read a whole book in one go but 'Pain is Potential' is a powerful book. By being vulnerable and sharing her own story, the author provides an open forum to discuss and inspire new ways of thinking about pain. She illustrates her journey into purpose and demonstrates a clear guide for one to relate this to their own life. This book has changed my way of thinking and I am sure it will for many.
Ellen Hamilton
13 Dec
This book evoked many emotions in me. It made me reflect on my own experiences in life and pain I have endured. The author expresses a deep vulnerability in the telling of the darkest moments of her life. This in turn influences the reader themselves to open up to find their true message. The guidance and structure of the novel provides flow and step by step to achieving your message. If you are unclear of your message or reason, I would highly recommend Pain is Potential to you.
Simo Novakovic
20 Dec
At first the story of disrupted childhood, self destruction, abuse of alcohol, confused sexuality, prostitution and the story of addiction strike me as disturbing and unsettling in my core. It was written honestly and I felt it's weight in underlaying pain and suffering. I empathised and felt writer's pain as my own, now amplified. Honesty and openness to personal details, although hard to digest at first, paved for me a credible gravitational pool which was drawing my attention towards it's resolution. I trusted the person who wrote it and I read the book almost in one go. The story can be easily followed and it's well put together. Observation of the pain, it's acceptance, the links to it's cause (traumas), understanding of it's role and the Light that came onto the the most vulnerable of self, brought the conclusion to the book in a very purposeful rendition. I experienced awakening 9 years ago and I recognised the truth Sophie's words pointed to. As I was reading, many times I acknowledged how well it was written. It vibrated in alignment with my inner truth. "Well done, she is really good!", I was saying to myself. I highly recommend. The fifth star I leave for you to add.
Leah Jade
25 Feb
Thank you Sophie. Reading your book has ignited a deep deep soul search. I had no idea when I met you before I started reading your book, how moved I was about to become. I am in such a huge process of unfolding right now and am so excited about carving out the defining shape of my life from so much more authenticity. Since reading your book, I shared my own story, so much like yours...and it had an overwhelming response. Opportunities came flooding in from around the world to be interviewed and feature in books and doors have opened, suddenly! My heart has opened! Things just got very real and I don't feel like I need to hide anymore. I cannot wait to see where my life goes now! I am so excited about following your journey from here as what you do is so powerful! I just love your honesty! It has inspired me SO much that I am already writing another book just weeks after my last dual book launch! This one will be the best yet by FAR! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Love!
John McDonough
22 May
Sophie Pham takes us on a hero's journey -- her journey -- in "Pain is Potential." It chronicles her growth from a space of utter, suicidal despair to a life centered in tender, compassionate love and service. She is completely open, and in her vulnerability, reveals her truth: the pain of trauma can be used to start a journey to self-realization ... and from there one can continue the work and blossom into self-actualization. Sophie acknowledges, nay embraces, both the darkness and the light of her experiences ... and by honoring both, she ultimately triumphs. Hers is a wondrous journey and her story is a fascinating, courageous autobiography in and of itself. Sophie, to her credit and for our benefit, takes her story further and gives us practical tools that we can use to enhance our own journeys. May you find her story inspiring, these tools beneficial, and her wisdom enlightening.
11 Oct
Sophie's story is incredibly inspiring, I related to so much of her journey and the wisdom,insight and guidance she offers has helped me to overcome fear and focus on what matters most in my life. Her book has opened my eyes to who I truly am and what I am capable of. If you seek to know yourself, to make real change in your world and the world of others, then I highly recommend this book.
3 Apr
If you're looking for an inspiring story about overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you - and then turning that into fulfillment - look no further. This is such an honest, open account from a person who has faced some incredible trials. Rape, addiction, prostitution, mental illnesses - this girl has faced down some pretty fierce demons and come out victoriously on top. I feel so grateful to her for baring her soul, and I guess that's a pretty big part of why I appreciated this story so much - you never know the stories of others, unless they are willing to share. Sophie has shared her story with the intention of helping others understand their own pain and trauma, and how it can be used to create a life of fulfillment and content. Each aspect of her story is connected to the point she's trying to make - how to identify childhood pain that may have impacted you, how a person's pain can manifest, and the extent of control past pain can have on present thoughts and actions. It is structurally sound and sensible in its approach to harnessing pain to create potential. There are a modest amount of self-help activities (something I'm notoriously bad at completing) but they involve a lot of consideration so I found that, even though I didn't write anything down, I was still developing a better sense of my own behaviours. I know this book and its methods won't work for everyone, but this is going to be a game changer for people who want to give; people who feel like they have a greater purpose but aren't sure how to realise it. It'll be tough work, facing your truth so unconditionally, but it seems like the reward is worth it.
Fabian Silva
26 Mar
“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.” (Yehuda Berg) In Pain is Potential, Sophie Pham does justice to the above quote. A beautiful and inspiring story, exquisitely written.
Laith A
16 Apr
Sophie is truly a beautiful soul and I met her for the first time at a friends' gathering where she gifted me a copy of her book after our chat. I got around to reading her book exactly at the time where I needed to hear the message she had in it. Her book is authentic and original and comes purely from a place of service. I've read a lot of books and her book is truly "up there" with the best and most renowned authors in the world and I don't say that lightly at all Thank you for your message and for being a leader, it couldn't have come at a better time :) n

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Sophie PhamPain Is POTENTIAL

Pain is a crucial part of human life. It may express as sadness, anger, anxiety, various mental disorders or addiction. However, while pain is often perceived as weakness, it is really the beginning of great strength.

In the navigation of my own pain, I found answers to fundamental questions. I realised that we can’t truly know how to live until we have understood our pain and let it teach us who we are. When we avoid our pain, we avoid our depths. And without our depths, we cannot find our purpose.

In this book, I share my own journey with you and guide you towards finding your purpose.

The Book

Pain is an integral part of our personal growth. Through our growth, we develop strength and wisdom. Our character builds with every experience, especially those harsher experiences. Each human being carries a unique archive of experiences from which a novel perspective emerges. It is when we acknowledge the significance of our life circumstances that we are able to realise how we can best contribute in this lifetime. At our core, we all want to be of service to others. We all want to find our true purpose.

Pain is Potential discusses the transformation of pain and the nature of purpose in relation to two key elements of personal growth:



Pain can express in various ways that chain our freedom. You will learn the relevance of pain and how to identify it in yourself and others.


Pain can only be transformed when it is confronted. You will discover the best ways to meet and transform your pain.


Your true self appears when you are liberated from the fear of pain. From a place of truth, you will learn how to make different decisions. This book will demonstrate how to re-experience freedom and connect with your true self.



Your purpose is based on who you are, and your story is what has made you who you are. You will learn how to use your life story to realise your purpose.


We each have natural skills that, when realised, can be employed in and applied to our lives. You will learn to recognise your current strengths and uncover hidden strengths.


There are three key components to a mission. In Pain is Potential, you will work through each component to discover the building blocks of your mission. You will thence learn how to remain aligned with your true mission.


You will have access to worksheets that support the design of your mission.

Sophie Pham

The Author

SOPHIE PHAM is an author, filmmaker, coach and social entrepreneur. Her own history of trauma around sexuality and relationships expressed in the form of depression, eating disorders, alcoholism and prostitution. Her first expression of love to a man, aged twenty-two, shattered her false identity and led to her spiritual awakening.

Sophie halted her aspiring academic career in psychiatry to create a vision external to traditional structures. As founder of the social enterprise The Introvert Project, she is committed to sharing stories of purpose found within personal suffering. In Pain is Potential, she introduces an alternative approach to overcoming personal trauma, and furthermore to understand the meaning of it. Her mission is to open an honest dialogue about pain, and to inspire others towards higher purpose.

The Book
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