About The Introvert Project


At some point in life, you begin to question the reason for your existence. It might have been triggered some life-threatening event, a confrontation with death, an extended period of personal trauma, the constant haunt of disconnection, or “success” without the fulfilment. The normal distractions and escapism no longer work. And, you suddenly get real…

You suspect it’s the end of your life, but actually it’s the beginning: 

It is the beginning of your conscious journey to finding, and fulfilling, your purpose.

At The Introvert Project, we tell the story of purpose in its many forms. We document real people who have truly lived, and share their honest stories with you. With full disclosure, our intention is to bring light to the dark, and provide whole insight into these lives so that you can better navigate your own.

The life skill we need is knowing our purpose, and this is the life skill we teach.